Tragedy in Dallas: Girl, 2, dies after family forgets her in family car

Tragedy in Dallas: Girl, 2, dies after family forgets her in family car

The family had apparently forgotten that she was in the car on a hot summer's day, which ended up being fatal for the toddler.

A 2-year-old girl has died in Dallas tragically after being forgotten in a hot car while it was sitting in their family’s driveway.

The girl was in the child safety seat when her father went back to the car to find the child unresponsive after sitting in the blazing heat, according to an report.

The toddler had apparently been forgotten when her other family members got out of the car after parking in the driveway, police said. The parents told the Dallas Child Abuse Unit that they had been at park with the children that day and had gone in to take a nap. When the father woke up, he went outside to work on the car and found his daughter.

The father took the child into the house and dialed 911 while the mother performed CPR. They then drove the toddler to Children’s Medical City. She was pronounced dead at 7:19 p.m.

The parents said they thought the girl had gotten out of the vehicle when they got home.

No charges have been filed, although authorities are investigating the incident.

Authorities warn that even on relatively mild days, a vehicle’s inner temperature can rise to levels that can kill a person in just minutes.

About 605 children have died from heat stroke after being left in hot cars since 1998 in the United States, with half of those deaths due to being forgotten by a caretaker. So far in 2015, nine children have died after being left in hot cars.

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