A ‘Walking Dead’ spinoff on an airplane? It’s coming to AMC

A ‘Walking Dead’ spinoff on an airplane? It’s coming to AMC

A 3-minute trailer for the new series has officially been released.

AMC is looking to expand on its hit drama “The Walking Dead” with a new spinoff web series that will take place in the air.

There’s already a spinoff series out there called “Fear the Walking Dead,” but AMC wants to continue to expand the reach of its popular franchise, a must as critical television series like Mad Men disappear from its lineup, according to an Entertainment Weekly report.

This new web series would be set on a passenger plane before the fall of civilization. It is set during the same time period as “Fear the Walking Dead.”

AMC is producing a half-hour special that would be a stand-alone story of a group of passengers dealing with a walker attack while an airline is int he air, with a character surviving the attack expected to join the case of Fear the Walking Dead in its second season.

It’s the first time AMC has used an online web series to introduce a new character into a television show. The airline attack will debut online.

There aren’t many details yet on this new episode or the plot itself. Because the setting of Fear the Walking Dead is in Los Angeles, the assumption is that the flight is headed for Los Angeles. We also don’t know the name of the web series yet, or who the actors are who will play these new characters.

It’s not the first time a plane has been used to stage a zombie attack on screen, which is what happened in World War Z.

The Walking Dead will return to the screen Oct. 11, with companion series Fear the Walking Dead recently pulling in 13.3 million viewers in its premier.

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