Apple is working on super-secretive ‘Project Titan’

Apple is working on super-secretive ‘Project Titan’

New documents confirm that Apple is developing a self-driving car, as it seeks to move from personal electronics into revolutionizing automaking.

A new exclusive report from the Guardian appear to confirm that Apple is indeed building a self-driving car in Silicon Valley and may be looking for a secure location in the area in which they can test it in secret.

Dubbed “Project Titan” and long rumored about, this self-driving vehicle would seek to compete with other offerings that are currently underway in development like Google’s model, according to the report.

Apple has been keeping a tight lid on the project, which may be further along than many though. They gathered engineers from its secret Special Project group to meet with officials at a former naval base near San Francisco called GoMentum Station. Supposedly, this 2,100-acre piece of property is a high-security testing ground for such autonomous vehicles — or at least will be at some point.

The Guardian obtained correspondence through a public records act request that featured an Apple engineering commenting that the company would “like to get an understand of timing and availability for the space.”

The base is actually closed off to the public and guarded by the military itself. This offers the advantage of making it incredibly secure as a test facility allowing Apple to operate in secret. And they’re not the only ones who have done so, with Mercedes-Benz and Honda also conducting experiments there with their own self-driving cars.

It’s the first time Apple’s apparent work on Project Titan has been documented. Apple senior vice-president Jeff Williams had hinted at such a project in the past, noting that the car is the “ultimate mobile device” and that the company was exploring various markets.

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