Are you a firstborn? Being overweight might not be your fault

Researchers have discovered through a study that women who are the firstborn are more likely to be obese or overweight.

The study involved more than 13,400 pairs of sisters born in Sweden and affirmed that they were indeed more likely than their younger sisters to lead a heavyset life, according to Uncover Michigan.

At the time of birth, the firstborn female is slightly less in weight when compared to their second-born sisters. But as they grow up, the study found that firstborns had a higher BMI overall.

During the study, researchers picked participants who were women over the age of 18 and pregnant. From there, researchers calculated their weight, height body mass index. The data was retrieved from the Swedish Birth Register that started in 1973. The records had information for more than 99 percent of all the births in Sweden since that data. But in order to focus in on a more specific timeframe, researchers chose to analyze the data they found from between 1991 and 2009.

What they found was that 29 percent of the older sisters were more likely to be overweight later in life and 40 percent was found to be more likely to become obese when they grew up, all in comparison to their second-born sisters. The researchers do acknowledge that this particular study concentrated on a very homogeneous population and that the results may be accurately reflect the same statistics for other ethnic groups or populations that have weight problems.

The lead researcher writer for the study was Professor Wayne Cutfield from the Liggins Institute on the College of Auckland. He said that they are considering that these facts are true because of the parents’ behavior. It is often found that parents are more meticulous with their firstborn child and learn a lot from the first baby and then in turn, act accordingly with the second-born.

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