Argument turns deadly in Twin Peaks parking lot

Argument turns deadly in Twin Peaks parking lot

Two rival gangs confront one another in a parking lot, leaving one man dead.

A shootout in Webster, Texas has left one person dead and another seriously injured. The event took place outside of the popular Twin Peaks restaurant off of Interstate 45.

Reports indicate that two groups of people were arguing in the parking lot around 10:30pm. One man pulled out a gun and fired at least two shots.

The first bullet fatally injured a member of the opposite group. Another caused a second person to be rushed to the hospital. Details about the injured man’s condition have not yet been released.

The shooter quickly ran off with two other men. Police soon found all three in Alvin and were promptly taken into police custody.

It is known that investigators are currently questioning the shooter and witnesses at the scene. However, no further information has been released.

Many wonder if this altercation is in any way connected with the May biker brawl that occurred outside of a Twin Peaks in Waco. That incident left nine people dead and 18 injured.

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