Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina

On Thursday morning a tourist visiting Hendersonville, North Carolina said that he spotted Bigfoot.

Strangely enough, this sighting follows two other recent ones of the “Lizard Man” in South Carolina. Apparently, the Lizard Man has not been reported by anybody since 1988 when it was first spotted, according to

One sighting was on Highway 34 by Jim Wilson when he says he saw something that looked like a Lizard Man run out into the middle of the road and across a nearby bridge before disappearing. The other sighting was by a woman named Sarah who snapped a shot of the Lizard Man near her church.

The description described both times was of a 7-foot-tall lizard with red eyes, scales and a tale.

In the SC Cotton Museum in Bishopville, Executive Director Janson Cox has a large display of Lizard Man items. The popular collection includes plaster casts of the original footprints found at the time of the original sighting in 1988. These footprints were the only physical evidence that the Lizard Man may exist.

“The footprints were found in Scape Ore Swamp, so as the sheriff was doing his job he went ahead and cast them, and those are the castings,” Cox says.

He also added a comment about his theory on why people even believe in things such as Lizard Man or Bigfoot: “We all like to be scared. We think there things out there that we don’t understand, and there’s a lot of things out there that we don’t understand,” he says.  “Maybe they’re out there. When I was younger, we were all looking for the man from Planet X. We knew an alien was coming in his flying saucer. So this is the magic of it all, and we need to keep our fantasies and keep our imaginations going, so I think it’s great to have it.”


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