Disaster on the fields: food shortages becoming more and more likely

Disaster on the fields: food shortages becoming more and more likely

A new study warns extreme weather-related "food shocks" are likely to rise.

As a movie plotline, it’s been done. As reality…it’s terrifying.

A new study by the US-UK Taskforce on Extreme Weather and Global Food System Resilience warns that extreme weather is becoming more frequent and will put even more pressure on the world’s tenuous crop supply.

As NDTV explains, the report found that the frequency of extreme weather such as storms, droughts, and heatwaves may increase from occurring every 100 years to every 30 years. As most of the world’s core agriculture—designated by the study as maize, soybean, wheat, and rice—is grown in only a small number countries—such as China and the United States—experts warned that the extreme weather in those areas could easily cause a “food shock,” crippling the global supply.

The report also pinpointed what it referred to as “kneejerk” reactions to food shortages as a long-term problem. Countries’ standard responses to food shocks, such as banning certain foods for export or import, were suggested to be ineffective and dangerous “solutions.”

In order to prepare for coming weather events, the report suggested that the agriculture world reevaluate how it adapts to a changing climate, finding ways to be more resilient in the face of bad weather. Equally important, the world needs to draw up internationally connected plans of how to deal with crop shortages instead of acting impulsively and alone.

As a recent movie suggested, humanity may also want to try colonizing space.

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