Life sentence for cop killer? Bryant Brewer is found guilty

Life sentence for cop killer? Bryant Brewer is found guilty

A man who heartlessly slew a Chicago police officer is found guilty.

Bryant Brewer was found guilty of first-degree murder for the killing of a Chicago police officer, Thor Soderberg.

Brewer is scheduled to be sentenced on September 9. Many believe he will be given the maximum sentence available- life in prison.

The defense had made a strong case that Brewer was mentally ill. Yet their client, refusing to cooperate with his lawyers’ strategy, insisted that he was proud to have killed an officer of the law.

In 2010, while Soderberg was changing out his uniform, Brewer snuck up on him and stole the gun out of the cop’s belt. Brewer shot Soderberg in the back. Once the cop fell, the assailant continued to shoot him. He then tried to kill a female officer and a nearby handyman.

The defense maintained that Brewer was legally insane and suffered from schizophrenia. Yet the defense’s expert witness, Dr. James Corcoran, contradicted this view. Corcoran maintained he was not able to reach that same conclusion.

Moreover, a forensic psychiatrist for the prosecution argued that Brewer had anti-social personality but not schizophrenia. Matthew Markos told the court that while Brewer had demonstrated signs of aggression and manipulative behavior, he mainly asked for medication because he enjoyed the effect of the drugs.

“He brutally, callously, viciously and without compunction murdered Officer Thor Soderberg,” said Judge Timothy Joyce as he handed down the sentence.

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