NASA astronaut shares stunning video of aurora borealis

NASA astronaut shares stunning video of aurora borealis

Astronaut Scott Kelly took amazing video of the Northern Lights from his perch aboard the International Space Station.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has just captured stunning footage of the Northern Light as seen from space.

Kelly, who is currently stationed up on the International Space Station circling the Earth with the best view you can have of our planet, has been tweeting regularly about his experiences in space, according to a Huffington Post report.

Kelly has posted a number of shots of the Earth from his perspective, ranging from the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro to the African desert to Patagonia to the lights of New York.

But it was the new video of the aurora borealis from above by the NASA astronaut that really has people talking. The video shows the shimmering greens and purples sparkling above the Earth from his view on the ISS, which he then shared on his Twitter account over the weekend.

Kelly has been on the ISS for five months, and will end up staying there for a year. He had shared another video of aurora borealis from space back in June, as well as some still photographs.

Scott Kelly is an American astronauts who was selected in November 2012 to do a special year-long mission on the ISS, which began back in March. He commanded the ISS for Expedition 26.

He holds the distinction as being one of the only siblings who have traveled into space, with his twin brother Mark Kelly being a former astronaut himself.

Kelly’s video was of the aurora borealis, which is a natural light display in the sky that is mostly seen near the poles due to the fact that they are caused by magnetic interferences above the Earth’s atmosphere, usually from cosmic rays or solar wind that result in charged particles resulting in ionization and therefore the brilliant colors.

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