Rosie O’Donnell slams Donald Trump as he roars ahead in polls

Rosie O’Donnell slams Donald Trump as he roars ahead in polls

Trump's long-time foe said she would write a nasty message to him in "period blood."

Rosie O’Donnell is back at Donald Trump’s throat, this time taking a shot at him over his alleged menstruation comments toward Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly.

She said in a radio appearance that she wants to “take my period blood … and write, ‘ You’re all a—–,” she said according to a New York Daily News report. She said that the “war on women” is getting worse and women are losing equality.

O’Donnell came up in the debate when Kelly asked Trump about how he had called women “fat pigs” and “slobs” in the past, causing Trump to quip “only Rosie O’Donnell.”

After the debate, Trump slammed Kelly, saying that she was unfair to pick on him in the debate over his comments about women and that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever.” He later clarified that he meant nose, but most people believe he was referring to her menstrual cycle.

O’Donnell tied those comments from Trump into the reaction to a marathoner’s decision to run without a tampon. She slammed the host of the show, Jenny Hutt, and another guest for talking about Kiran Gandhi’s decision to run in the London Marathon without a tampon as being misguided. They had called Gandhi’s run gross, causing O’Donnell to accuse them of buying into male stereotypes about periods.

However, she argued it was an important statement in light of Trump’s comments, and more women need to bring to light the inequality they face.

Still, the controversy doesn’t appear to be hurting Trump too much, who continues to lead all Republicans in the polls and is continuing his campaign trail in Michigan. He recently pledged to spend $1 billion of his own money in order to become the next president, which is about how much recent president have spent to win their campaigns.

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