Scientists have just found the best way to lose weight, guaranteed

Scientists have just found the best way to lose weight, guaranteed

A doctor's visit could give you that one simple answer you've been seeking to shed that weight for good.

If you’re like many Americans, you’re desperate to lose weight — and scientists at Johns Hopkins may have just found the answer.

As it turns out, it’s not a fad diet or an expensive new workout machine — it’s your doctor. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have discovered in a new study that a primary care physician is your best tool in your efforts to shed those unwanted pounds and get back into the shape you’ve always dreamed of, and surprisingly, most people just aren’t taking advantage of this fact,¬†according to a Business Standard report.

Most people look to new diets or new workout regimens in their bid to lose weight, but the problem is these are one-size-fits-all approaches. This new study shows that you can lose a surprising amount of weight by simply working with your doctor.

If you think about it, it’s almost intuitive. Naturally, your doctor will know better than anyone what your individual problems and needs are. She’ll know your lifestyle and therefore what changes are most likely to be effective, and he’ll also be able to diagnose your diet and tell you what foods to stop eating and what foods to start eating. Every one has different needs, and while some diets may work for some, it might not work for others. Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what route to take, and he won’t pressure you into getting it done in a few weeks.

Researchers gathered data from a randomized trial that took place over two years and was funded thanks to the federal government. Obese patients were given health coaches for the trial, and they were supervised by primary care physicians. Afterward, they filled out surveys that described their relationships with the doctors.

Out of 347 patients, most showed good relationships with the doctors, but that didn’t seem to correspond to weight loss. But one determining factor did: helpfulness. Those who rated their doctors as very helpful lost 11 pounds on average, compared to 5 pounds who did not rate their doctors high in this category.

So if you want to drop pounds, visit your doctor. And if you don’t find him or her helpful, go elsewhere until you find someone who fits you. It could be the key to fixing your weight problem once and for all.

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