Siri to the rescue! Teen trapped under truck butt dials 911

Siri to the rescue!  Teen trapped under truck butt dials 911

A Tennessee teen is saved by using Siri to call for help from underneath fallen truck.

An 18-year-old boy in Tennessee, trapped underneath a truck he was working on, was able to press his backside against his phone to activate Siri and call for help, according to an article in

Sam Ray was working on his Dodge Dakota pickup when the jack he was using to lift the truck fell, pinning him underneath.  His left hand was trapped, but he was able to use his right to bang against the truck with a tire iron in an effort to be heard.  No one else was home at the time, and he was out of earshot of the neighbors and passers by could not see him from the road.

Sam says he remembers praying for help, when he heard Siri’s voice from behind him.  Apparently, he was putting the correct pressure on the phone button to activate Siri.  After several tries, he was able to get the phone to call 911.  Finally, he heard someone say hello on the other end.

Rutherford County dispatcher Christina Lee at first thought she was hearing an accidental pocket dial, which is a common occurrence.  Then she heard Sam yelling and knew this was a legitimate call for help.  She was able to get close to his location using the cellphone signal, but the quick thinking Sam kept yelling out his address.

Sam said he thought it was over and he wasn’t going to be rescued in time.  He said he could feel himself slipping away.

A volunteer firefighter was first on the scene and was able to jack the truck up off of Sam.  Once the firefighting team arrived, Sam was pulled from underneath the truck and taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, some 40 miles from his home.  Overall, Sam was pinned for about 40 minutes.

Sam suffered broken ribs, a bruised kidney, contusions and burns, but is listed in good condition.

Sam said he guessed he would stick with the iPhone, since it saved his life.  He feels like he owes them.



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