Tell it to my face: Microsoft unveils Skype app for business

Tell it to my face: Microsoft unveils Skype app for business

The new application finally moves Skype business off of just desktop devices.

Business calls just got a little more personal. A new Skype app is coming to allow easier business use on handheld iOS and Android phones.

Principal group programmer for Skype for Business Jared Goralnick announced the new app’s preview via blog post on Tuesday August 11. Skype for Business had previously only been available on desktop computers, but the new app does more than move it to the user’s phone.

There is a new updated desktop that is designed to allow for easier use. It includes a Contact Search bar, a list of recent conversations, and a list of upcoming meetings. The Contact Search bar allows professionals to search for their contacts via first or last name, email address, and by phone number.

To make the app even more convenient, the designers increased the size of the navigation buttons to make them easier to access on a phone screen. The video of the caller can also now fill the entire screen or remain small to allow for simultaneous content viewing.

Goralnick explains how the group is recruiting users for a formal preview. IT administrators can nominate both iOS and Android users online to be among the test consumers before the app rolls out nationally.

The preview will begin in the next two weeks and the app itself will be an update for all iOS and Android Lync users later in the year.

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