The end of the universe is near: well, almost, a trillion years from now

The end of the universe is near: well, almost, a trillion years from now

Experts have determined the universe will be lights out a trillion years from now.

A consortium of scientists from around the globe came together to conduct an extensive study regarding the number of dying stars. The study confirmed that the starry lights in the vast expanse are dying out, leading them to discern that the universe is approaching a demise. The researchers culled observed data from 220,000 galaxies employing the world’s state of the art telescopes. Some of the galaxies are so far away that astronomers are able to peer into an anterior time.

Apparently, the universe is only spawning half the stars than it was two billion years ago. Fast-forward a trillion years from now and everything will succumb to utter darkness. “The universe will be so expanded and producing so little light that we basically won’t see anything,” said Lead researcher Simon Driver from the University of Western Australia.

Analysts first noticed the fading the lights phenomenon in the late 1990’s. Yet the dissolution of the universe doesn’t equate to non-existence according to a CNN report. Driver gave an analogy that if we were to look back the universe would just have “sat down on the sofa, pulled up a blanket and is about to nod off for an eternal doze.”

Astrophysicists estimate space’s last exhale would take place nearly a trillion years from now. But Driver reiterated that worse things will happen before the collapse of our macrocosm. For instance, five billion years from now our Sun will burst leading to the earth’s collapse, and ten billion years from now, Earth’s corpse will collide with our nearest galaxy, Andromeda.

According to Big Bang theorists, the universe swelled up to its current vastness from the size of an electron 13.8 billion years ago within a tiny fraction of a second.

Source: Daily Times Gazette


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