Track illegal immigrants like FedEx packages: Christie

New Jersey governor Chris Christie offered a solution for keeping up with foreign visitors to the U.S.  He recommends a tracking system similar to the one used by FedEx to track packages around the world.

As reported in the New York Times, Governor Christie, speaking at a campaign event in New Hampshire, said he would approach the chief executive of FedEx, Frederick W. Smith, to design the system.

Christie, who is far behind Republican front-runner Donald Trump in most polls, is on the borderline for inclusion in the next debate on September 16, and is looking to touch on one of the main issues in the campaign.

Trump has said he would deport some 11 million illegal immigrants and build a wall across the southern border of the U.S. if he were elected, which has sparked responses from all other candidates.

Speaking at an event in Laconia, N.H., Christie said, “At any moment, FedEx can tell you where that package is. It’s on the truck. It’s at the station. It’s on the airplane.  Yet we let people come to this country with visas, and the minute they come in, we lose track of them.”

He reminded the crowd that 40 percent of illegal immigrants were initially allowed into the country with a visa, but did not leave once the visa had expired.  Christie said his tracking system would allow the officials to locate those violators and “tap them on the shoulder” and remind them it was time to go.

The governor did not specify exactly how such a system could work on tracking people.  FedEx scans a bar code on each package to monitor the movement around the country.

Christie continued by saying we need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you enter the country.

According to the article, a FedEx spokesman declined to comment on the candidate’s remarks.

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