Uncommonly bad: only 1/3 of NYC students are passing standardized exams

Uncommonly bad: only 1/3 of NYC students are passing standardized exams

Educational commissioner reports there has been only "incremental" progress on Common Core exams.

The math on this is not pretty. Only 1/3 of students in grades 3-8 are passing Common Core exams in the third year of the program.

Buffalo’s WBFO News reports that the new scores are in and are less than positive. New York Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia started her role in July and states optimistically that, “our numbers are moving in the right direction.” However, the 7% increase in passing the Math exam only brings the success rate to 38%, and the pass rate for the English exam remains at 31%.

As in, over 2/3 of students for all intents and purposes failed the English Common Core Exam.

Students in NYC fared better than students in the upstate regions of the state, and richer school districts scored higher than the poor ones. Students of black and Hispanic descent did more poorly than their white counterparts.

“Sure I would have liked them to be greater growth,” Elia was quoted as saying. “Am I disappointed they are not? Yes.”

The pass/fail numbers are likely skewed in part because 20% of New York students actually boycotted taking the test. This could have ramifications for schools, as new laws now take into account test scores for both federal funding and teacher reviews.

The state’s teacher unions said that the tests “ aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.” Elia countered by announcing partnering with a new testing agency and promising to rework the tests with more teacher input.

“We’ve got to do a better job,” she said.

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