“Watch” out Apple: Google releasing smartwatch

Although the watch is not new invention, the way people interact with it is an innovation that has just begun to evolve.

The invention of the smartwatch has changed the face of time, and Google has taken it upon themselves to make a watch face even more interactive and attractive, according to Morning News USA.

Google has announced their new watch faces powered by Google-developed software that will let users find information from weather and meeting dates to mail and more.

An Android Wear software engineer, Flavio Lerda, said: “With just a tap, your watch face can change its design, reveal more information, or even launch a specific app.”

The main screen, or front face, of their watch will maintain a simple feeling to it. The watch face will remain on the center while around it will be widgets. With only a simple tap on one of the widgets, for example, Weather, it will inform the wearer all about weather in their area.

The user will not only be able to check the weather or their meeting schedule, but play around with the color and design of the face with ease.

Google is standing by their mission to connect people. With their new watches, they can stay connected with others through sharing pictures, emojis, activities and more with other people through simple taps on their watch face.

Google is also working with their developers to create watches that fit together with their users personally. For example, some faces may have helpful options for health routines while others keep users organized with fluid meeting and activity reminders.

Google is answering the demand from the market for smartwatches that are simple in design and user-friendly with options that meet every person’s interactive needs, whether it be for style, business or personal.

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