What does a can of Coke do to your body right after you drink it? It’s not pretty

What does a can of Coke do to your body right after you drink it? It’s not pretty

A disturbing new health graphic put together by a health reporter shows that a soft drink can wreak havoc on your body immediately.

A frightening new infographic shows just how damaging a single can of Coke can be to your body less than an hour after you drink it.

We already know the long-term effects of soft drinks — Coke was singled out only because it is the most popular soft drink, but all of them are just as bad — which is blamed by many health experts for the obesity epidemic in society. But did you know how bad the short term effects are? Health writer¬†Wade Meredith at SFGate.com¬†set out to find out, and the results are rather alarming.

Using research to see how a sudden dose of caffeine and sugar affects the body, Meredith created the graphic indicating the different effects starting from when you chug when down to about an hour later. Soft drinks like Coke tend to have 10 teaspoons of sugar. That’s a lot — so much, in fact, you would probably vomit it out just 10 minutes later because of the overwhelming sweetness. So why don’t you? It’s the phosphoric acid that cuts through that sweetness and allows your stomach to handle it.

But once you see what happens next, perhaps you’d wished that you had vomited it out. Because 20 minutes later, your liver starts absorbing the sugar and putting out fat — again, minutes after you down the soda.

Another 20 minutes pass, and it’s been 40 minutes since you’ve consumed your Coke. Now all of the caffeine has been absorbed, and your blood pressure is rising, the liver is pushing sugar into the bloodstream, and your pupils are dilating. In five minutes, you’re at your peak high, and the body produces dopamine, which are the chemicals at the pleasure centers of your brain. In fact, that’s kind of how heroin works.

Now, it’s been 60 minutes, and the high doesn’t last very long. By the point, you should get that unpleasant sugar crash, making you feel worse than before and in need of a nap.

So the next time you pick up that can of Coke, think about whether it’s worth it.

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