‘Dragon’s Dogma’ RPG headed to PC gamers

PC game players will be happy to hear that “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” is going to be released as a PC version from Capcom come January.

The PC version will be an expanded one of the original game. Players are anticipating that there will be different twists to the new version compared to the gameplay in consoles it is currently available on like Xbox 360 and the PS3, according to Realty Today.

“Dragon’s Dogma” is one of the top role playing games (RPG) according to Forbes over the past five years. The game has been hailed as extremely unique going beyond just being action packed.

So far, the feedback on the new console version is that the screenshots show little difference between the original version and the PC one. But developer Capcom is promising a higher resolution of graphics.

The game first hit shelves in 2012 labeled as a action RPG for PS3 and Xbox 360 players. The director, Hideaki Itsuno, praised in presentation the production and development of the game. “Dragon’s Dogma” is classified as a standard RPG with character classifications, quests and fantasy-based enemies for players to battle against. But its stretch beyond other games with its breakthrough Pawn system of play is what sets it apart from other games and attracts massive amounts of players.

In a report, the Pawn party system allows players to use their own character and also borrow other “pawns” from other players in order to complete building their teams. This, and another hit feature, have distinguished the game from other similar RPG. Players are attracted to the type of boss battle that the gamers take part in. The gamers in this game are able to use their characters to climb the backs of larger enemies with access to more specific areas that are crucial in targeting a faster kill.

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