Former track star turned call girl shares her struggle with bipolar disorder

The world was shocked when former track Olympian Favor Hamilton exposed her double life as a Vegas call girl. Now she is coming clean on how and why it happened.

Hamilton came out about her life in December 2012. But since then, she has opened up more about how living with an undiagnosed bipolar disorder weighted heavily on her and her risky behavior, according to the Weather Space.

“I found sex was the biggest high to fuel my mania, which is common with bipolar people”.

“It had been my first appointment with this handsome client, but I’d walked in and given him a kiss straight away, letting my mouth linger on his”, she recalls in one excerpt from the book, a snapshot of an encounter with a corporate CEO in a “luxurious penthouse suite.”

The track and field star explains that her life was thrusted forward by her mania and competitive nature. In her book, “Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness,” that she was “looking to be No. 1 again.”

In her book she explains how her undiagnosed condition forced her to choose a life that gave her some release, which happened to be sex.

As “Kelly Lundy,” she became one of Vegas’s top hookers famed by The Erotic Review, a website that ranks escorts based on customer reviews.

“Pearl had flipped a switch inside me, awakening a certainty that I could please clients even more than she’d pleased me,” she writes.

Her brother, Dan Favor, was a manic-depressive who committed suicide in 1999 when he was on a lapse from his medications. In Favor’s new memoir, she recounts her own struggle with bipolar disorder that pushed her into a life that was more fantasy than reality.

“What Mark and I went through with Vegas and being outed – if we can make it through that, we’ll make it through everything.”

Favor has stepped up to share her story in hopes to help others with the same disease. She currently lives with her husband and 10-year-old daughter splitting their time between Madison, Wisconsin and Malibu, California.

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