Hello, Doc: Google docs now support talk typing

Hello, Doc: Google docs now support talk typing

A new update allows users to let their voices do the typing.

The future is here and it’s multilingual.  A new Google Documents update allows users to type by talking into their device.

As Newsy reports, the California-based company announced that their cloud-based software had earned a few new updates.  Among them was the upgrade to Google documents, a internet-based writing program.

Interested users can open the “Tools” tab in the document and find “voice typing” in the menu.  Then, simply enable the microphone on your device, and you’re ready to get chatty.

The update supports over 40 languages.  A reviewer at the Economic Times found that it was really only useful with single input in a quiet room, as otherwise the voice recognition software made too many mistakes.  However, one can assume the feature will be tailored in future updates to allow for use in more business settings.

Google has been in the news lately with the unveiling of its new logo on Monday.  As the Verge summarizes, the new, friendlier-looking logo is meant as a symbol that the company is no longer limited to just a search engine.  Having been restructured into a new, larger company called Alphabet, Google is focused on becoming a large resource of various sites, apps, and technological features available anywhere a user can find an internet connection.

Sadly, though, this article was still typed by hand.

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