Huge changes coming to iPhone 6S — here’s what to expect

Huge changes coming to iPhone 6S — here’s what to expect

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is almost here -- what's going to be different? The answers are right here.

Apple has formally announced that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be a huge departure from previous versions of the popular device — and here’s exactly how they’ll be different.

The formal announcement won’t come until September 9th, but a recent Forbes report breaks down the difference between the older versions and the new 6S.

For one thing, Apple will alter the iOS input method to allow for what is known as “Force Touch.” This will bring additional controls by using a strong press on the screen — a bit of a risk not just because of the changes to the iOS, but it must be intuitive or it may be a big drawback for consumers. However, if successful, it could provide consumers with a range of additional ways to use their iPhone.

Another new innovation is a 12 MP Rear Camera with 4K video capabilities. Previous generations have used an 8 MP camera, but Apple is aiming for a 50 percent sensor increase for its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus versions, allowing it to provide greater detail in shots and improved video that will, for the first time, be shot in 4K Ultra HD.

Then, there’s the 5MP Front Camera that will have 1080P video capabilities, great for selfies. This front camera will be a big increase for the iPhone that will be 400 percent better at 5 megapixels, in addition to the 1080p full HD video recording.

There will also be a size increase, making the iPhones actually a bit thicker than previous versions, a departure from the trend of slimming phones. This is mainly to accommodate the new Force Touch sensor.

The new phone will have increased RAM — in fact, it will get doubled to 2GB of LPDDR4. This enhances multitasking capabilities on the device. The iPhones will also be faster this year, with Apple’s next-generation A9 chipset getting a boosted CPU and GPU performance.

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