iDrive? Apple may be making an electric car.

iDrive?  Apple may be making an electric car.

Those in the know are saying the car may be coming as soon as 2019.

You may have thought the company was focused on getting smaller products when they introduced their watch.  Now, however, rumors are flying that Apple is working on creating their own electric car.

While Apple is known for its secrecy, the Wall Street Journal published a report on Monday September 21 claiming insider information indicates the car is now a “committed project” due to be completed for shipping in 2019.  As Digital Trends reports, Apple has named the endeavor Project Titan and is moving full steam ahead with the plan.

Firstly, the team has been given permission to triple in size, increasing its numbers from 600 to 1,800 people on the project.  Secondly, insiders report that Apple executives met with the California DMV, the agency that monitors testing for self-driving cars, suggesting the new vehicle will be at least partially autonomous.

Finally, Apple hired Doug Betts in July.  The 21 year veteran of the auto industry is the former quality control chief at Fiat Chrysler and is unlikely to be working on an IPod.

Fortune Magazine reports the testing for the vehicles has already been secured, but there remains one little detail to be ironed out.  Most of Apple’s manufacturing is outsourced to a Taiwan-based company, Foxconn, and it is unclear if a car would be built there as well.

In any case, be ready for a drive-able Mac in the not too distant future.

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