Jeb Bush giving Trump a run for his money

In his first TV ads of his 2016 White House campaign, Republican Jeb Bush is targeting New Hampshire gunning for the support from an early voting state.

Bush’s rival, John Kasich, has already been making his rounds with New Hampshire. But Bush has put down $500,000 to buy time with Boston broadcast television and New Hampshire station WMUR, according to Reuters.

Starting next Wednesday, the ads will run and continue all the way through until the end of the month. Bush will also be running a focused online advertising campaign alongside.

February 9 marks New Hampshire’s primary following after Iowa on February 1. This will mark the beginning of the parties’ nominating votes for the November 2016 presidential election.

“This is the first step in a multi-week process where we will be expanding our advertising in New Hampshire and the other early states,” Campbell said of the Bush ads.

They will focus on Bush’s “strong conservative record of reform and his plan to change the culture in Washington,” she said.

Donald Trump is currently the front-runner as the Republican nominee and Bush has been in a very visible feud with him this past week while maintaining tabs on Kasich, the Ohio governor competing along with Bush. Kasich has already one-upped Bush in terms of advertising, and has already been on the air in New Hampshire with TV ads as well as in-person visits with the state.

So far, all efforts have put Bush and Kasich at about the same level in the opinion polls of Republican voters in New Hampshire. Similarly, they are both lagging in Iowa.

Although Trump has been rising to the top of the popularity polls, Bush has remained confident that he is holding a strong position in the race.

“People as they get closer to the election, they’ll start thinking who can sit behind the big desk, who can make tough decisions, who has a proven record?” Bush said. “I think I can make a pretty good case over the long haul that I am that guy.”

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