Judge under fire for blocking gay marriages and hanging Hitler portraits.

Judge under fire for blocking gay marriages and hanging Hitler portraits.

A judge from Oregon denies any wrong doing in the face of numerous allegations

Initially, he was only facing charges for refusing to perform same-sex marriages. Yet as the ethics investigation got under way, many other allegations emerged against this Oregon Judge including hanging a picture of Adolf Hitler in the courthouse.

Judge Vance Day of Marion Country Circuit Court claims it is perfectly within his rights to refuse to be involved in gay marriages. He is not alone in this belief. Despite the Supreme Court ruling in June that legalized same-sex marriage, a number of county officials- most notably Kim Davis of Kentucky- have taken it upon themselves to resist the law of the land.

Day will certainly find support for his refusal among many conservatives. However, he will have a much harder time finding anyone to come to his aid in regards to the Hitler portrait.

“The purpose was to show that these young Americans triumphed over fascism,” said Day.

All told, Day faces six charges, including breaches in the Code of Judicial Conduct which requires judges to maintain a high standards of conduct in order to preserve their integrity.

Day also faces allegations that he allowed men with felon convictions to handle weapons. Possession of a firearm by a convict is illegal in Oregon. Finally, Day is accused of making false statements to both investigators and fellow judges.

“It appears that the commission has thrown everything in but the kitchen sink,” said Day. “The clear issue that they’re after me on is that I had stopped doing weddings because I have a firmly held religious conviction.”

Day continues to deny that he acted unethically. He will face an adversarial hearing by the judicial fitness commission on November 9.

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