Miracle recovery defies explanation for drowning toddler

Miracle recovery defies explanation for drowning toddler

Doctors say prayer, luck, and divine intervention were key factors in recovery.

Alise Nipper, a three-year-old Missouri toddler, was showing no signs of life when she was pulled from a swimming pool at a party in July of this year.

According to an article on heraldsun.com, the child was at a pool party with some friends and she removed the life jacket she had been wearing.  After some parents noted lightning in the area, her mother, Jamie Nipper, did a pool scan and did not see her daughter.

She did a second look around the pool and that was when she noticed her daughter’s foot sticking out from under a raft.

Ms. Nipper jumped into the pool and began to shout “Call 911″.  She said she was praying when she grabbed her daughter that she would just start coughing as if she had just fallen in.  However, Alise was blue and unresponsive, and it was evident the situation was more serious.

Jamie and a friend, who was a nurse, performed CPR for about 12 minutes on Alise, and miraculously her pulse returned and she started breathing again.

“Her heart started and she started breathing, it was strong loud breaths,” said Ms. Nipper.  But the girl was rushed to the hospital with serious lung and body trauma.  Her doctors feared there would be significant brain damage from the lack of oxygen.

After six days in the hospital, the girl improved rapidly, and within two weeks, she returned home, apparently unscathed.  Not only did she recover from the accident, but she returned to the pool only two months later.

Dr Jeremy Garrett from Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, told KFVS, “Her brain has gotten through it, her lungs recovered and as near as we can tell she’s back to functioning as high level a three-year-old can.”

Alise’s mother is encouraging everyone to become CPR certified and is sharing her daughter’s story as an inspiration.

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