New “game show”: Pennsylvania introducing the Elk Cam.

A different kind of reality show.  The Pennsylvania Game Commission has installed a camera in a popular elk ground.

As the Gant Daily reports, it’s “bugling” season, and the massive elk in Pennsylvania are active, making their distinctive mating calls.  In order to capitalize on the success of recent wildlife observing cameras, the Game Commission has placed a streaming video camera on State Game Lands 311, an area normally off limits for humans.  Elk have already made an appearance on the feed, as have other animals such as turkeys and deer.

Provided by HDOnTap, the video stream is intended to excite people about the Pennsylvania elk herd.  After flirting with disappearing from the state altogether in the early 1900’s, the species has made a comeback and have one of the strongest populations in the country.

Game Commission Executive R. Matthew Hough feels the camera offers non-nature people a way to get up close and personal with the magnificent animals.  “People are fascinated with elk,” he said.  “This camera–and the sights and sounds it is capturing–is just one more thing to get them excited.  The bugling still sounds amazingly good through a computer speaker.”

The live stream will be up through mid-October and can be found through the Game Commission’s website.  Elk have been most consistently seen in the late afternoon.

Happy viewing.

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