Suburbia’s high estrogen levels creating more female frogs than male

During the course of a recent study project, more female frogs than males were found to be filling up suburbia due to high estrogen levels in the surrounding environment.

So far, forest areas seem to be untouched by the phenomenon taking over suburban areas. But there are solid factors at play that have led to the overage in female frogs compared to males, according to the Wallstreet Hedge.

Not only to perfect green suburban lawns soak up wasted water that California can only dream about from years past, but they also contain a high level of phytoestrogens, the plant version of estrogen. In order to keep the laws healthy and lush, clover is mixed in among the grass, the carrier of the phytoestrogens that predispose the frogs to a female majority.

Another contributing factor they found was that waste from the suburban environment tends to carry a heavy estrogen presence found in the contraceptives used by women. The heavy use of pesticides and herbicides in the gardens area also key in increasing the number of female frogs, considerably.

The study that made these conclusions was published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Although the findings were strong enough to draw conclusions, scientists are hoping that it also calls for further research on the matter in concern that it could be affecting more than just frogs.

“In suburban ponds, the proportion of females born was almost twice that of frog populations in forested ponds. The fact that we saw such clear evidence was astonishing.” said Yale University researcher Max Lambert, one of the authors of the study.

Researchers have been shocked by the unexpected adaptation to suburbia by frogs and are concerned that the local fauna could also be negatively influenced by the effects. At this time, the research has been confined to Connecticut suburbia, but is being planned out for other environments in order to draw comparison.

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