The future is here: new laser razor is in the works.

Still no flying cars, but everyday life just got a bit more futuristic.  A new razor is on the way, one that will use lasers to cut body hair.

As Mashable reports, Skarp Technologies launched a Kickstarter campaign online to raise funding and awareness for its new laser razor on September 21.  The original goal of $160k was reached in just two days.  The fund currently stands at over $790k and continues to grow.

Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binum founded Skarp specifically to create the laser razor, an idea Gustavsson has been trying to make reality since he first imagined it in 2001.  Gustavsson is the inventor of Intense Pulsed Light, a standard method of hair removal and dermatological treatments in medical offices worldwide.

The technology that allowed the light to cut through any color hair didn’t arrive until 2009 and it took 6 years to refine the mechanism.  The razor, which does not emit UV, sends out a specific light wavelength that melts a universal component of human hair, a molecule called chromophore, right at the surface of the skin.  This means no laser beam actually enters below the skin’s surface and prevents the usual “shaving stubble.”

The razor runs on a AAA battery and does not require water to function.

The invention stands to make a hugely positive environmental impact.  Roughly 2 billion razors are tossed annually, and all must go to dumps, since their nature makes them too high a health risk to recycle.

Skarp reports they have manufacturers ready to begin production on the razors once they are finished raising capital.

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