Walk it out: Surgeon General launches new walking health initiative

Walk it out: Surgeon General launches new walking health initiative

The "Step it Up" campaign encourages both more walking and more walk-able communities.

Just put one foot in front of the other.  The US Surgeon General Vivek Murphy is launching a new campaign to encourage more Americans to get out and get walking, called the “Step It Up” campaign.

As the Pioneer News reports, Murphy is starting the campaign in association with the American College of Sports Medicine, a organization that recently recommended walking as the easiest and cheapest form of exercise.  At a time when the American people are battling an epidemic of obesity and related health problems, simple and straightforward may be best.

Murphy explained, “We know that an average of 22 minutes a day of physical activity–such as brisk walking–can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  The key is to get started.”

“Step It Up” also includes a call to action to increase the walk-ability of more communities.  Improving neighborhood’s “walking health”  involves ensuring safe road crossing spaces, improving crosswalks, and making sure there are more sidewalks (with cut-outs for people in wheelchairs) and green spaces.

As Sport Act reports, “Step It Up” is also partnering with USC’s School of Public Health.  Dr. Arnold Pate of that organization explains the walk-ability section of the initiative, saying the campaign recommends, “we all in a sense ‘audit’ our communities and then make the changes in our communities that will make walking more attractive, more accessible, safer, so that we’ll do more of it.”

So, people of America, make sure to lace up your shoes before work, on your lunch break, or after dinner, and get ready to step your way to better health.


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