Whataburger employee fired after refusing to serve police officers

Whataburger employee fired after refusing to serve police officers

Officers were told by employee he did not serve police officers.

For at least the second time in the last month, an employee of a fast-food restaurant has refused to serve police officers ordering a meal while on a break, says an article on NBCDFW.com.

Tuesday night an employee of the Whataburger in Lewisville, TX, refused to serve Milford police officer Cameron Beckham and Strawn officer Michael Magovern, who had been working traffic control and decided to stop in about 8 PM.

The officers said the employee told them he didn’t serve police officers.

Officer Magovern said, “I looked at him and said ‘Are you joking?’ and he said nothing,” adding the employee just stared at them.

The officers got the employee’s name and reported him to the corporate office of Whataburger and went to Dairy Queen for their meal.

San Antonio-based Whataburger released a statement Wednesday saying, “We were appalled to hear of an employee refusing service to two officers, as we have proudly served first responders across our system for decades.”

Whataburger offered an apology in the statement, and invited the officers back to the restaurant for lunch.  They also said the employee who refused them service was no longer with the company.

The statement added, “As soon as we heard of this isolated incident, we began our own internal investigation overnight.”

Officer Magovern told Dallas-Fort Worth NBC 5 that “this is the fault of one person, probably having a really bad day.”

Earlier this month, an officer in Florida was refused service by an employee of Arby’s.  In that incident, the manager of the fast-food restaurant was fired and the employee that refused the service was suspended.

The employee contended the incident was just a joke that was misconstrued.

ColorOfChange.org, a civil rights group, is circulating a petition to have both of those employees reinstated.

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