Why not? Ex-fugitive John McAfee as announced he is running for President

Why not? Ex-fugitive John McAfee as announced he is running for President

Yet another eccentric millionaire has decided to throw his head in the ring

Best known for creating the computer anti-virus software, John McAfee registered yesterday as a third-party candidate for president in 2016. Only in an election season that is more crowded and crazy than any before could this happen.

“I am founding a new party yet to be announced,” said McAfee. The 70-year-old describes himself as an eccentric millionaire.

Shortly after filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, McAfee’s campaign website went live. Details on the platform of his new party will come out later today.

“It’s clear that the leadership of our country is illiterate on the fundamental technology that supports everything in life for us now, that is cyber science, our smartphones, our military hardware, our communications,” said McAfee.

It has been almost 20 years since McAfee sold his shares to the company that bares his name. In that time, he never left the headlines for long.

In 2012, McAfee illegally entered Guatemala while trying to evade the Belize investigators who claimed that he killed his neighbor. He was arrested in Guatemala and after a few weeks deported to the US. He has denied any culpability.

Last month, McAfee was arrested in Tennessee for driving under the influence and for possession of a handgun.

More stories like these can be read on McAfee’s personal blog, which chronicles his globe-trotting escapades.

What many people are eager to see is this egotist go head to head against the other  vanity campaigner- Donald Trump.

“I have great respect for the man,” said McAfee about Trump. As of yet, the Donald has not commented on McAfee’s candidacy.

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