Anti-vaxxers: Is Big Pharma behind new autistic Sesame Street character?

Anti-vaxxers: Is Big Pharma behind new autistic Sesame Street character?

The announcement of a new autistic character named "Julia" brought cheers from many, but scorn from some anti-vaccination circles.

You’ve probably heard the news that Sesame Street is introducing a new character who has autism, but at least some people in the anti-vaccination community are furious with the announcement.

Julia, portrayed as an autistic child, is really just an effort to normalize injuries caused by harmful vaccines and make them look like they are happy — something that distracts from a legitimate effort to make vaccines safer, wrote one blogger, Mike Adams of Natural News, according to a Raw Story report.

The introduction of Julia was hailed by much of the public as a step forward in getting kids familiar with those who may be different than them, although in addition to the vaccination issue, some complained that more boys than girls get autism and therefore Julia should have been a boy. Also, Julia has a mild autism, while many kids with it may find the condition much more inhibiting.

But it’s the vaccination issue that Adams said was “another sickening example of the absolute mental derangement of modern society,” he said according to the report.

Many Internet commenters joined in in slamming the move to normalize autism in the public’s eyes, as they see it, with some speculating that large pharmaceutical companies may be behind it in order to play down the effects of the vaccines they make lots of money off of. After all, the commenter pointed out, the networks that run these shows are more concerned with money.

Sesame Street announced Julia and a new autism initiative in a news release posted recently, which can be found here.

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