Arizona frat shooting leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

Arizona frat shooting leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

It started as a fight between members of a frat.

Members of a Northern Arizona University fraternity got into a fight that led to a shooting, killing one and injuring three, court documents say.

A freshman told the police that he was struck in the face at one point, prompting him to open fire on four of the members of the fraternity, and then attempting to give first aid, according to an Associated Press report.

Police arrested 18-year-old Steven Jones, who was found next to the four victims in a parking lot on the campus at around 1:20 a.m. Friday.

Jones cooperated with police, telling them that it was he who opened fire and that he had been approached by several people as he was with a couple of friends outside of a residence. A fight ensued, and he was chased by a group, so he went to get a handgun from his car.

Although two of them stopped following him at that point, Jones yelled that he had a gun. This prompted them to turn around, and he shot them, although he later said he tried to help them, according to the report.

The first two victims were about 10 feet away when Jones opened fire. The first victim reportedly asked Jones why he had brought a gun, and Jones then shot him multiple times, and then shot the second victim when he stepped towards him.

Jones fired a shot in the air when others tried to tackle him, and then he dropped the weapon.

Jones is being held on a $2 million bond. He appeared via video in court from the Coconino County Jail, and cried as the charges were read against him.

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