Judge smacks down NVIDIA’s attempt to block Galaxy phone chips

Judge smacks down NVIDIA’s attempt to block Galaxy phone chips

The judge ruled that Samsung and Qualcomm weren't infringing on NVIDIA's patents, but NVIDIA has vowed to keep fighting.

The United States International Trade has rejected NVIDIA’s bid for an injunction against Samsung and Qualcomm.

NVIDIA had hoped to ban sales of mobile graphics chips, claiming that their rivals were infringing on its patents with chips that are used in popular phones like the Galaxy Note 4 and S5, made by Samsung, according to a Slashgear report.

But the commission didn’t buy it, ruling on Friday that no infringement had occurred and Samsung and Qualcomm could continue to sell their products.

In addition, Thomas B. Pender, an ITC judge, said in the ruling that one of its patents was invalid, as the technology had been described in other previously granted patents.

NVIDIA downplayed the decision, saying the ruling was just one step in ITC’s legal process, and that they were confident that it had a good case going forward. The case had been filed late last year.

At first, evidence suggested that NVDIA might get its way when Justice Pender ruled in favor of how the patent claims were constructed, but this latest ruling is definitely a setback.

The final judgement has not been made, however, so it’s too early to say whether NVIDIA has a chance to win its case. That final judgement will at least be based in part on this ruling, so this development certainly wasn’t helpful for NVIDIA.

NVIDIA is a technology company that is based in Santa Clara, California. It primarily manufactures graphics processing units, as well as chip units for mobile computers such as smartphones. Its primary GPU product line is named “GeForce,” and its primary competitors are Advanced Micro Devices’ Radeon line of chip products, as well as chip giant Intel. Qualcomm is also one of its primary competitors, which is why it was targeted in the lawsuit.

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