Watch a massive black hole destroy a star [VIDEO]

Watch a massive black hole destroy a star [VIDEO]

A stunning new animation from NASA depicts a black hole gobbling up a star.

NASA has just released a new animation that will open your eyes at the true power of a massive black hole.

The animation depicts what happens when a star comes a little bit too close to a black hole, according to a Huffington Post report.

Jelle Kaastra, who is from the Institute for Space Research in the Netherlands, said in a statement that the black holes rips the star to pieces and begins to swallow it, but “that’s not the end of the story.” The black hole is actually unable to keep up with the pace of the destruction and expels material violently in what is known as a pulsar, the brightest things ever observed.

The study, published in the journal Nature, is based on observations of a real-life event called ASASSN-14li. It was discovered last November about 290 million light years away. The event is called a tidal disruption, and it is when a black hole pulls a star apart. It is alled this because tidal forces essentially tug at the star until it is destroyed, with some getting sucked into the black hole and others thrown back into space at incredible speeds.

The researchers used data from X-ray telescopes orbiting the Earth.

It’s an interesting phenomenon because it shows that things can and do escape black holes, and it causes us to continue to wonder about the material that doesn’t escape — if it really is trapped forever, or if it goes to an alternate universe as suggested by famed physicist Stephen Hawking.

A statement on the findings was published on the University of Maryland’s website, which can be found here.

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