Are diamonds basically worthless?

Are diamonds basically worthless?

A new study finds that diamonds are not as rare as jewelers would like you to believe.

Johns Hopkins University has just published new research that indicates that diamonds aren’t nearly as rare as you think they are.

The scientists examined the chemical model of this girl’s best friend and found that they can be created in a natural chemical reaction that is pretty easy to replicate compared to the two main processes that are generally credited for producing diamonds, according to a University Herald report.

In recent years, a slew of articles have been written online criticizing the diamond industry for exaggerating the rareness of diamonds, and even suggesting that diamonds as a whole are fairly worthless and not scarce at all. This latest study could lead some credence to that viewpoint.

Diamonds are understood to form deep in the Earth under enormous pressure, making them seem like precious objects difficult to get a hold of. But this research indicates the process might be significantly more common.

They haven’t yet tested this new model with actual materials, which would involve simply causing water and rock to interact with increasing acidity. But the preliminary results seem to hold up so far.

Currently, the diamond industry sells its clientele on the notion that diamonds are formed deep in the Earth’s crust with incredible pressure thanks to the oxidation of methane or chemical reduction of carbon dioxide.

But the new research indicates that water could create diamonds simply by a natural reduction in pH levels, becoming more acidic.

It’s all an indication that, while diamonds are certainly a beautiful piece of jewelry, perhaps it’s not the rare one-in-a-million gem everyone thinks it is.

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