Black Friday: Watch footage of massive brawl at Kentucky mall [VIDEO]

Black Friday: Watch footage of massive brawl at Kentucky mall [VIDEO]

Things got ugly Thursday night at a shopping mall in Kentucky.

Teens threw haymakers at a mall in Florence, Kentucky on Thursday night, and video of the incident quickly made the rounds on social media.

Black Friday has become known for its violence in the name of deals the day after Thanksgiving, with retailers increasingly moving the sales to Thanksgiving Day, but a WCPO report indicates that it had nothing to do with fighting over good deals.

WCPO talked to a victim who said he was minding his own business when he was attacked from behind by someone with brass knuckles, sparking the fight.

The teen said he might have been targeted because he posts rap videos on YouTube and has a community following. He said it definitely had nothing to do with fighting over shoes or electronics.

No one was charged in the fight after no witnesses came forward. There was also no request for medical attention.

The video is below:

There were brawls elsewhere in the country, these ones actually related to Black Friday. New York Daily News reported on brawls at Walmart retail stores as well as other shopping centers on Thursday evening across the country, which has now become Black Friday’s official start.

One brawl, also in Kentucky but this one in Louisville, involved shoppers wrestling in the food court, while men slapped and punched at each other.

Another brawl was captured on video in El Paso, Texas, where a man was seen swinging at a police officer at a Walmart. In in Alexandria, Louisiana, a shooter wounded a person, although the attack probably had nothing to do with shoppers hunting for deals.

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