Google has just made a bold new move in Artificial Intelligence

Google has just made a bold new move in Artificial Intelligence

Google's new open source AI, TensorFlow, means some huge change are coming.

Google has announced that it is releasing the second generation of its machine learning framework, which is known as TensorFlow, a major move that could have ripple effects when it comes to artificial intelligence.

TensorFlow has been released as an open source library with its own tools, tutorials, and examples via the Apache 2.0 license, allowing developers to use it anywhere, according to a Motherboard report.

The project has its own documentation and tutorials.

By doing this, Google hopes to open up new frontiers in AI research.

Jeff Dean, Senior Google Fellow, and Rajat Monga, the Technical Lead, explained the move in a statement on the Google Research Blog:

“Deep Learning has had a huge impact on computer science, making it possible to explore new frontiers of research and to develop amazingly useful products that millions of people use every day,” they wrote. “Our internal deep learning infrastructure DistBelief, developed in 2011, has allowed Googlers to build ever larger neural networks and scale training to thousands of cores in our datacenters. We’ve used it to demonstrate that concepts like “cat” can be learned from unlabeled YouTube images, to improve speech recognition in the Google app by 25%, and to build image search in Google Photos. DistBelief also trained the Inception model that won Imagenet’s Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge in 2014, and drove our experiments in automated image captioning as well as DeepDream.”

A report from Wired indicates that Google may be making the move to spur machine-learning research outside of Google, which the search giant could later benefit from.

It’s indicative that AI has a growing role in online services, and it may mean big changes for chip manufacturers who support those services, and eventually it could change the mobile device industry as well.

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