Has this scientist stumbled upon proof of an alternate parallel universe?

Has this scientist stumbled upon proof of an alternate parallel universe?

A cosmologists believes he may have stumbled upon something big.

A shocking new study claims to have found evidence of an alternate universe.

A cosmologist from the California Institute of Technology has published a paper in the Astrophysical Journal claiming that there is evidence of “cosmic bruising” — or when universe bumping against another — that would explain a bizarre anomally in the microwave background of space, according to a Tech Times report.

Ranga-Ram Chary wrote that by examining the cosmic microwave background — believed to be leftovers from the Big Bang — he was able to create a map of a strange phenomenon with data from the Planck telescope operated by the European Space Agency. He then compared this map to the night sky, and found a strange blob of bright light.

This blob shouldn’t be there, based on what the color is. Ancient light from the big bang would be from hydrogen, which gives off a limited range of visible light, and it doesn’t fit the profile of this light blob.

Instead, perhaps this is the first real evidence of the multiverse theory, he wrote.

Of course, he’ll have a hard time convincing the scientific community that he’s right. Most scientists are going to want to suggest more mundane possibilities, like foreground dust.

Still, it’s an exciting proposition that is likely to warrant future investigation — and who knows, perhaps he could be proven right.

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