Watch a Michigan power plant get blown to smithereens [VIDEO]

Watch a Michigan power plant get blown to smithereens [VIDEO]

The "Mighty Marysville" power plant collapsed in a spectacular explosion.

Michigan authorities blew up a 93-year-old power plant called the “Mighty Marysville” this weekend in a breathtaking implosion.

Thousands in both the United States and Canada gathered to watch the huge building and its massive smokestacks crumble into dust along the St. Clair River that separates Michigan from Ontario, Canada, according to an Associated Press report.

The plant, which has long been abandoned, sits 55 miles to the northeast of Detroit. The implosion lasted only 20 seconds, and saw the massive structure collapse into nothing.

The plant was closed back in 2001. It was owned by DTE energy, and employed 250 people at the time. The plant was demolished in order to make way for new housing, retail, and park space. First, however, authorities will need to clear the massive pile of rubble that the implosion left behind.

Fortunately, the implosion went as planned, and lots of good footage was shot of the explosion, as seen in the video below.

Back in 2013, DTE Energy sold the property to commercial developers, paving the way for the demolition.

Mighty Marysville operated from 1922 through 2001, and was released for decommissioning in 2011. It sits on a 20-acre site on the St. Clair River and had generated up to 167 megawatts of electricity at the time of its closure.

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