Attention, Facebook users: Huge change is coming to Events

Attention, Facebook users: Huge change is coming to Events

Facebook is making some big changes to one of its most popular features.

Get ready for a whole new experience on Facebook.

Facebook is launching the first component of a new and improved way to browse events — you can now search for the events by topic if you have an iPhone and you’re in one of the 10 U.S. cities slated for the limited rollout, according to a Wired report.

For those who fit that category, you can go to your Events dashboard and check out the new sections, which are separated into topics like Music, Sports & Fitness, Food & Drinks, and others.

This Events feature was announced a year ago, but Facebook has made a hard push to develop it into what it wants it to be. That’s probably why you’ve seen more public events in your feed, as well as random notifications that one of your friends will be attending an event near you.

It’s resulted in an increase in RSVPing to private events and talking about the event on those pages even after the event ends.

Facebook decided not to turn Events into its own app. The primary reason is that it wants to keep getting access to your data to continue to fold into the huge social network. Facebook has found a way to stay relevant in the increasingly competitive online world with unique ways to reach out to teens, such as folding in Instagram, a move that has worked out pretty well. It will seek to do the same with Events, keeping the users under one umbrella and taking advantage of all the data that comes with it.

As things progress, Facebook may allow you to actually search for something to do in your area. Right now, that capability is pretty limited, but don’t be surprised to see it expand in the coming months and years.

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