Bettery hurry — GoPro just slashed the price of Hero4 camera in half

Bettery hurry — GoPro just slashed the price of Hero4 camera in half

Now you can get the GoPro Hero4 for this insanely low price.

Great news if you’re looking for a great Christmas gift but feel like you missed all the deals — GoPro is offering its Hero4 Session action camera for half the price.

The company announced that it would be dropping the price to $199, a huge cut from when the Session was announced in July and priced at $399, according to a Fortune report.

That price tag was the same as that of the Hero4 Silver, but the Sessions doesn’t have an LCD screen or the ability to record in 4K. This caused the company to drop the price to $299 in September, and now it’s cutting prices once again.

The Sessions was intended to be the go-to camera for those who just wanted to take regular videos rather than record themselves skiing in the Alps. It was more for “family activities” than daredevils.

GoPro has been struggling a bit as of late, only posting revenues of $400 million in the third quarter, far short of its guidance range of $430 to $445 million due to light sales.

The Session has probably been a major culprit in that decline, as the company has had difficulty finding a pricing sweet spot. The company had expressed confidence that $299 was the right price tag, but apparently not.

What’s next for GoPro? The company hopes to expand on its offerings by releasing a quad-copter drone, as well as pursue media partnerships next year.

However, investors seem to be a bit concerned that perhaps GoPro is expanding a bit too much and saturing the market with too many offerings. GoPro currently offers six cameras which range from $129 to $499. The Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black are its flagship products and they were last updated back in September 2014.

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