Stunning discovery: Stress causes massive risk of Alzheimer’s

Stunning discovery: Stress causes massive risk of Alzheimer’s

A new study zeroes in on stress as a major cause of dementia later in life.

Do you get stressed out at work? You may be putting yourself at a great risk of coming down with Alzheimer’s disease at some point later in life, a new study has found.

The study, which was published in the journal Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders by researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System, found that those who had a lot of stress had more than doubled the likelihood of cognitive impairment at some point down the road, according to a UPI report.

Dr. Richard Lipton, the lead author on the report, said the study was strong evidence the amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI) can be caused by stress in older people. It’s concerning news for those who go through a lot of stress at work, but it’s also a good thing in a way: it is easily modified by changing one’s lifestyle, behavior, and outlook.

The researchers examined 507 adults who were 70 years of age or older. During the course of the study, 71 were diagnosed with aMCI.

The research indicates that a new previously unexplored treatment option for preventing Alzheimer’s may be to deal with stress and anxiety in older adults. And there’s a lot of ways to do that, said Mindy Katz, co-author of the study, in a statement.

“Perceived stress can be altered by mindfulness-based stress reduction, cognitive-behavioral therapies and stress-reducing drugs,” she said. “These interventions may postpone or even prevent an individual’s cognitive decline.”

Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s first start to appear after the age of 60. Scientists still have a lot to learn about the disease, but family history and changes int he brain are believed to be warning signs for the disease, although it is suspected that there are other clues in one’s diet, environment, and even education.

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