Surprise: This weird smartwatch is threatening Apple

Surprise: This weird smartwatch is threatening Apple

TAG Heuer is racing to fill orders as demand explodes for its smartwatch.

The smartwatch market has gotten off to a rough start ever since the Apple Watch was unveiled — but Tag Heuer may have just cracked the code on what the consumer wants.

Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer, a maker of mechanical watches, was surely an underdog facing off against the tech giants for the nascent smartwatch market, but so far they’re the only ones that have appeared to be a roaring success so far, according to a Slashgear report.

The Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch was released to little fanfare, but the product has taken off, and now the company is racing to increase its production from 1,200 pieces each week to 2,000 as demand has exploded. A total of 100,000 pieces have been ordered. Now, Tag Heuer says to expect more models to be unveiled by the end of next year or perhaps early 2017.

The Tag Heuer Connect smartwatch is super expensive, coming in at $1,500.

The Connected runs Android Wear and has an Intel processor. It also boasts a circular touchscreen and voice controls, allowing you to get notifications and information — pretty similar to any other Android Wear watch.

So what’s the advantage of the Connected? Perhaps the fact that it looks like an actual watch as opposed to a gadget strapped to your wrist, as is the case with the Apple Watch. And more importantly, it looks like a watch from a respected brand like Tag Heuer, perhaps making it more palatable to people uncomfortable with wearing look-at-me gadgets and prefer a more low-key actual watch look, while still craving the features of a smartwatch.

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