This start to the flu season amazes medical experts — flu season delayed

This start to the flu season amazes medical experts — flu season delayed

CDC urges people to get their flu shots.

There’s something a little off about the flu this year.

So far, there’s just been plain not much of it after three straight years of heavy seasons before the Christmas holiday, according to an Associated Press report.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a weekly flu count that shows that out of all the states, South Carolina appears to be the only one with a lot of flu cases.

Of course, with Christmas coming up and everyone gathering in tight spaces, that number may pick up pretty soon. But there’s no denying that this flu season has gotten off to a much slower start than previous years — although the CDC is still urging people to get their flu shots and take advantage of the fact that they still have time.

The Los Alamaos National Laboratory is now predicting a 57 percent change of the flu season peaking in February, and a 67 percent chance of a mild flu season, according to the report.

The previous years were bad because of a mix of nasty strains of the virus causing problems and the fact that the flu vaccine last year didn’t work well for the main strain.

The flu season often peaks in February and can last deep into May, so if you want to avoid the flu this year, now may be the time. The CDC recommends that everyone at least 6 months of age get a vaccination to avoid getting sick.

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