What is a perfect diet?

What is a perfect diet?

A new discovery by scientists that genome-based diets could be designed to deal with obesity is making waves in the medical community.

It’s a huge breakthrough that could change the future of dieting: as we reported recently, scientists at the University of Texas have discovered that rather than using one-size-fits-all diets, a diet designed for individuals based on their genes might be ideal for fighting obesity. But it raises the question — is there even a perfect diet to strive for?

The discovery is an important one and could result in specialized diet plans based on genetics and other data designed to fit the person, which could have huge impacts on obesity. And it’s an indication that all of these fad diets that exist out there might not be right depending on the person.

It also seems like there’s always a study out there indicating one type of food is bad, while another study later seems to contradict it. So until scientists can develop these specialized genetics-based diet plans to fight obesity, is there a “perfect diet” you can pursue?

Usually, it’s good to take big changes one day at a time, so to find the ideal diet, it’s best to talk about the ideal eating day, according to Prevention.com.

For one thing, don’t skip meals — eating fewer meals doesn’t usually result in weight loss, in fact it causes the opposite due to binge eating when you do eat. Instead, have a snack ever three to four hours to keep your metabolism moving and keep you from getting hungry.

But what you eat is also as important as how often you eat. Protein should be combined with fiber at ever meal, so eat your meats along with fruits and veggies — basic, but something people often don’t think to do.

And then there is the last but not least part: stay active and drink water often. Being active can help you burn off those extra few calories, which can make a difference in the long run. And staying hydrated can reduce those hunger pangs.

If you can live a day like that once, and keep doing that, you’ll be at your ideal weight in no time.

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