It’s amazingly simple to protect yourself from the NSA

It’s amazingly simple to protect yourself from the NSA

A top NSA official recently revealed some secrets for how the agency hacks networks.

As we reported recently, a top official at the National Security Agency just unveiled some secrets of how the National Security Agency does its hacking — but how can you protect yourself from the NSA’s snooping?

Rob Joyce, the chief of NSA’s secretive Tailored Access Operations (TAO) cell, which has some of the best hackers on the planet, recently spilled the beans on several ways the NSA hacks into networks during a security conference in San Francisco. He provided some advice on what it would take to make it difficult for the NSA to track individuals, and laid out six steps the TAO takes to get into a network.

So what can  you do to protect yourself? There are a couple options for folks who are concerned about the security of the files and information they share, and all it takes is downloading an app, according to a Computerworld report.

One new app that can help is called Confide, which is a free service you can use on iOS and Android. It has a number of features that can help protect you, including one that stops users from taking screenshots of messages or documents, and allows you to make messages truly confidential. Confide will let you share Word, PDF, and other types of files on a number of storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and it encrypts it immediately, so a recipient can’t read it until the individual touches the screen. Once the recipient is done with viewing it, the message is totally deleted.

There’s another option: a program called Dstrux, which does just what the name implies. With Dstrux, you can send messages and documents that are encrypted and self-destruction.

You can even share via Facebook and Twitter without taking a risk as it only provides a link to secure content in the cloud. Users can view the content, but they can’t print it or save it, or even snag it with a screenshot. You can also manually set how long the message will be kept before self-destructing.

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