You’ll never guess the incredible tech that’s about to be unveiled at CES 2016

You’ll never guess the incredible tech that’s about to be unveiled at CES 2016

Cars are expected to feature big at this year's show -- bigger than they ever have.

It’s the biggest tech gathering there is — and, true to form, the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show has some incredible technology to showcase this year.

In fact, some might say it’s gotten too big, filling out the hotels and conventional halls of Las Vegas — but organizers aren’t eager to tamp the enthusiasm that makes this event almost like the Super Bowl for tech, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

And make no mistake about it, this was a huge gathering, with 176,000 flocking to CES 2016 to check out the latest that the event had to offer. That’s an 11 percent increase from last year’s show.

The will kick off Tuesday night with Intel Corp.’s CEO, who will give the keynote addresss. The conference will last through Saturday, so expect lots of big tech announcements in the coming days.

But what kind of crazy tech can we expect to be showcased at this one of a kind event?

Cars are expected to factor big in this year’s show, according to a The Verge report. Cars have certainly stolen the show before, but this time it’s different: major automakers are supposed to make some big announcements unlike they have in year’s past, like a production version of the Chevy Bolt and a new electric concept from Volkswagen that could perhaps be the Microbus. There are rumors that Ford is also teaming with Google on autonomous cars, and BMW is working on some next-generating interfaces like AirTouch. Audi has made splashes in the past, and this year may be no exception.

On the flip side, televisions aren’t likely to make big unveils at the conference. You can expect lots of 4K models, and even some 8K versions. But don’t expect anything that’s going to change the television industry.

Finally, the “smart home” concept is likely to get big play this year. Apple and Google have been working on technology that connects more things in our house together, and we are likely to see that connectivity grow this year.

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