Uproar after Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook seen vaccinating baby

Uproar after Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook seen vaccinating baby

Anti-vaccination advocates were up in arms after Zuckerberg posted photos with his daughter Maxima.

A significant portion of the Internet has erupted in fury after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo on his social network of him with his daughter along with a caption advocating vaccines.

The small but growing and very vocal anti-vaccination movement was quick to pounce on that sentiment, calling the decision being reckless with his child’s health, and some even claiming he had been bought out by drug companies and had been told to post the endorsement on Facebook, according to a Slate report.

Zuckerberg wrote “Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!” It was undoubtedly more than just an offhanded remark: considering Silicon Valley’s low rate of vaccination, he was likely trying to endorse vaccination in the face of a growing anti-vaccination movement, which has been roundly criticized by the scientific community for pushing bad science.

The majority of commenters were supportive, with some praising Zuckerberg for taking a stance on vaccines.

Most of the highest upvoted comments were pro-vaccination, and commenters were quick to respond to the anti-vaxxers who did show up. However, they were a well-represented minority.

“I have been reading through these comments…Why bash the antivaxxers? Vaccines are a pharmaceutical,” said Amy Smith. “The baby has a new immune system and the blood brain barrier has not formed. I don’t think it’s controversial. It’s pretty simple. A pharmaceutical carries risks. If you wanna vaccinate then great. But get the full story on what it does to your immune system to be “tricked” so early in life.”

Another commenter sarcastically inferred that pro-vaccination people were being reckless with their children’s health.

“Just don’t ever read vaccine inserts, especially the part about possible adverse reactions,” she said. “Don’t worry that doctors don’t do any tests to check if your particular baby is allergic to any ingredient in the vaccine (average numbers look OK, and who cares about any given kid). Don’t worry that neither the doctor nor the vaccine manufacturer are liable for any adverse reaction. Don’t ever look at vaccine recall history. Don’t ever read about cases compensated by the Vaccine Court (they compensate a small percentage of applicants and many don’t apply).”

Still another added: “I hope the Zuckerberg’s have taken the time to read the full vaccine inserts (not the watered-down one they give parents, the real one they include with the vaccines … they are very enlightening.”

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